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Noorderplaats 7 bus 1

2000 Antwerpen

03 224 38 00



Do you need help after fire damage or water damage?

If you contact Gom in time, you will avoid spending to replace equipment, extra costs due to interruption in business, possible loss of customers.

The first 12 to 24 hours are crucial for limiting the damage. The professional and qualified team of Gom Special Cleaning can limit the damage as much as possible. We deal with soot deposits, rust, discolouration, production contamination, dampness, rubble, equipment cleaning.

We at Gom take charge of drying, demolition and repair, removing odours, in short all the problems that you will be faced with. We can also handle the processing with your insurance company directly, if you prefer. Also cleaning is one of our specialities!

Emergency number
(24h/24h service)
0900 100 87

Contact us 
03 820 96 37

In case of emergency we immediately snatch from our various offices in Belgium.